Monday, August 17, 2009

Verdicchio a treasured wine of Italy

The Gagliardi company is one of Matelica Verdicchio' s historic winemakers. The cellar began in the Forties and it was one of the first companies devoted to the, production and commercialisation of Matelica Verdicchio, and the first to sell it in bottles, The geographical situation of the vineyards is one of the best suited to vine cultivation. Its particular microclimate and altitude, from 300 to 600 metres, mean that the Verdicchio grape can express its highest quality, and it is here that the 15 hectares run by the Gagliardi family are to be found, 12 of which are given over to Verdicchio grapes and 4 to red grapes of Sangiovese, Montipulciano, Merlot, and Ciliegiolo. "Maccagnano" is the company' s grand cru reserve product. The wine is obtained from 100 % Verdicchio grape deriving from a single vineyard. The terrain, altitude at 350/400 metres above sea level, and Matelica' s microclimate allow the Verdicchio vine to give the best of itself. It’s a delicate, intense wine, with plenty of body, and high alcohol content. To ensure its quality, it is left to mature in the cellar for about 20 months and then bottled for 6 months before being commercialized. When the wine it is put on sale, it is still very fresh and with wide margins for maximum self-expression, thus bestowing it longevity.

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