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Italian Spumante From Le Marche

August 2012. There is a wide range of Spumante wine in Italy especially from Le Marche where the base grape is often Verdicchio but can also be from Montipulciano or Sangiovese or Pinot Noir grapes.  I recommend twelve Spumante wines from the region that are of exceptional quality at a reasonable price.  the region of Le Marche is gaining recognition for the wine making skills and quality of wines that have existed for centuries but are only now being appraised and appreciated in global markets with exports increasing each year. 

The Spumante from Le Marche

(guest writer Max Ford of MarcheRustico and SEO Synovation)

Spumante wines can be natural or aerated. Understanding the difference is very important for consumers particularly in regards to price.  In a spumante natural carbon dioxide, that brings life to the wine, develops through the second fermentation of the base wine. In practice wine yeast is added causing a second fermentation that allows the wine to have bubbles. The second fermentation can occur in two ways:

• in the bottle (classico method) or

• in large containers (Charmat).

The aerated spumante wine is obtained by adding to carbon dioxide. Aerated spumante wines are rare when it does not stand for the quality of the wine. When you look at a spumante the visual examination is the most in the tasting: the length of the bead of bubbles, the number of bubbles, and their shape are important are smaller and better' the champagne.

Types of Spumante Wine:

1. The same Vintage year - said also as Millesimato - grapes of the same variety from a particular vineyard and aged for at least 5 years in bottles or containers.

2. Not the same vintage - said Non Millesimato –same variet of grapes but of different vintages with a shorter aging process.

The Grades Of Spumante Wine:

Dry or Sweet Spumante? - In the last stage of fermentation syrup is added which characterises the spumante. The grades are:

Brut Nature - where the residual sugar is less than three grams per liter. Where you say sugar is zer Brut Sauvage.

Extra Dry Brut - where the residual sugar is less than six grams per liter. This spumante and very dry and goes a treat as a aperitif with seafood.

Brut - where the residual sugar is less than twelve grams per litre. It’s a good drink to start a meal.

Extra Dry - where the residual sugar is less but more than twelve to twenty grams per litre.

Sec, Dry - where the residual sugar is less than thirty five but more than seventeen grams per litre.

• Demi- Sec - where the residual sugar is less but more than thirty-five to fifty grams per litre.

Dolce / Sweet - where the residual sugar is more than fifty grams per litre.

Types of Spumante Wine:

• Blanc de blanc - that is, literally white of white wine indicates spumante from white grapes.

• Blanc de noir - literally white of blacks that wine from black grapes.

• Rose - wine from wine based pink.

• Cremant - added small amounts of sugar in the manufacturing method of the Classic. It makes the champagne thinner.

Major Spumante Wines Prevalent in the Marches:

1. Stefano Antonucci Brut – Spumante Metodo Classico - SANTA BARBARA – Barbara ANCONA.

2. Donna Giulia Brut – Spumante Metodo Classico - (Vendemmia 2007 Sboccatura 2010) FATTORIA LE TERRAZZE - Numana (ANCONA)

3. Umani Ronchi Extra Brut sans année- Spumante Metodo Classico (Sboccatura settembre 2011) UMANI RONCHI – Osimo ANCONA

4. Fazi Battaglia Brut – Vino Spumante- FAZI BATTAGLIA Castelplanio ANCONA
5. Madreperla Brut – Spumante Metodo Classico Cuvée - (Sboccatura 2011) MONCARO - Montecarotto ANCONA

6. Vignamato Rosé Brut - Vino Spumante - VIGNAMATO – San Paolo di Jesi ANCONA

7. Conti di Buscareto Rosé Brut 2011 – Vino Spumante Brut Metodo Martinotti CONTI DI BUSCARETO – Ostra ANCONA

8. Vallerosa Bonci Metodo Classico Millesimato Brut 2008- Spumante Metodo Classico (Sboccatura 2011) VALLEROSA BONCI – Cupramontana ANCONA

9. Cuvée Nadir Brut 2010 – Spumante Metodo Charmat- BELISARIO – Matelica (MC)

10. Primo Brut – Spumante Metodo Classico CASALFARNETO – Serra de’ Conti ANCONA

11. Moroder Brut Rosé 2011 – Vino Spumante - MORODER – Ancona

12. Pink Brut Rosé – Vino Spumante -SILVANO STROLOGO - CameranoANCONA
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  1. Being a resident of Le Marche right next to the vineyards of Azienda and Agriturismo Il Casato I can confirm the quality standards of Le Marche wine which have certainly increased in the last five years. Local wines from Matelica from Vini Gagliardi, Vini Maraviglia and Belisario are extremely good and competitively priced.